I’ve seen several candidates post recently along the lines of  “tell your friends to follow us help us reach 2000 followers by  Friday.” At the same time many people remark that candidate X has the most followers in a specific race.  I’ve been pondering what the number of followers really mean or if it even really matters.

  • If you have a lot of followers it means
    • you’re campaign posts a lot.
    • you’ve pushed your social media at your events.
    • you may have even hired someone to tweet for you (more about that later).
    • you might have been really popular in high school.
  • If you have a lot of followers it does not mean
    • that you are going to win the election or even leading in the polls.
    • that you can ignore comments and questions over social media.
    • that you can quit posting.
    • that people are actually listening to you.

Here’s a sampling of the candidates in Arkansas’ Third Congressional District, the number of twitter followers last night and their showing in the most recent Talk Business poll.  Of course most these have many more facebook fans.

  • Mike Moore – 151 – 8%
  • Cecile Bledsoe – 142 – 17%
  • Doug Matay0 – 94 – 2%
  • Steve Womack – 92 – 21%
  • David Whitaker – 87 – Democrat, not in poll
  • Bernie Skoch -72 – 5%
  • Steve Lowry -31 -4%
  • Gunner Delay – 54 – 16%

So, absolutely no corelation between twitter followers and poll numbers.