Many of the campaigns in Arkansas have launched their own YouTube channel. This morning I noticed Ben Ponder and Tim Wooldridge YouTube Channels over in Arkansas’ First Congressional District. Ben Ponder’s channel has been up for about a week and he already has 19videos posted (including a riveting series of eight videos on healthcare).

Many marketing web sites discuss social media marketing via YouTube, but I really think that a lot of times YouTube all by itself is not a social media. Now, I’m not saying YouTube is not a great marketing tool or communications channel, but it’s not really a social media until you get social with it. With social media you have to converse and conversing on YouTube is easy in the comments and a little bit harder with video replies, but there are a lot of YouTube channels and videos that aren’t exactly socialable.

In honor of Ben Ponder’s abundance of videos, I’m posting a video of his “On Being a Christian Plumber.”