Campaign Twit has been up for about ten days  and we made some changes this evening based on some feedback we’ve received and how we’ve seen people use this site. Here’s a quick summary of the changes and where we’re headed.

  • Most obvious we’ve moved the blog up to the front page and eliminated the blog page. When we started campaign twit we weren’t sure if there was enough to blog about Arkansas candidates use of online tools and social media, but obviously there is. The rest of the content is still on the home page just further down.
  • We’ve started tracking tweets from candidates in the Arkansas State House of Representatives and Arkansas State Senate.  Right now we have a widget for each of these groups at the bottom of the home page as well as two new lists on twitter. We’ll build a page for each of these groups soon. If you know of another candidate in these races that we aren’t listing, please send us their twitter username because our list is leaning a little to the right.
  • We’ve added party affiliation to the headings above the tweet to give additional context to the tweets. We’ve had several requests for this addition to make it easier to follow one party or the other (but we did think about having a poll for each candidate to let you see if you could guess their party affiliation by their tweets).
  • We tweaked the design a little and modified the page content background color. I suspect we are not done tweaking the design.

That’s all the update on Campaign Twit itself for now. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled comments and critiques soon. If you see something that needs fixing or that you would change, let us know.