Do people really pay attention to who has the most followers on twitter or fans on facebook? I don’t think it actually matters who has the most. What matters if you have the right followers who are interacting with your tweets and better yet acting on your tweets.  The right Facebook fans who are commenting, encouraging their friends to fan you and putting some of your requests to action.

The real question is how do you find those followers? Here’s some ideas.

  • Say something, say anything- If you don’t tweet, people won’t follow you.
  • Say something interesting that your followers will retweet so their friends can see it and follow you.
  • Twitter search – Do a search for cities in your area and follow those people who are active in your area.
  • Go out and follow those people that follow others  you know in your area of interest (regionally or topically). Use a site like friend or follow to follow people who actually participate and follow others.
  • Find a hashtag for your subject and follow everyone who participates in the conversation around that hashtag.
  • Finally- In the real world.  People you meet at events, at your HQ, when going door to door and they want to get involved. Ask them to follow your or friend you.