What does it mean when you follow a politician on twitter or become a fan of their page on facebook? Does it imply an endorsement, that you plan on voting for them or just that you are keeping up with them and interested in what they have to say?

I’m asking because I noticed a comment on a facebook wall that implied being a fan of a candidates page implied an endorsement. I guess that really brings in another question, too. Does following on twitter have a different meaning that being a fan of a facebook page? I don’t really know, that’s why I’m asking. Let’s create a fictitious scenario and see what you think.

Arkansas 1st congressional district candidate, Jason Doe, has a facebook page and a twitter page which he uses to disseminate his views on issues, invite people to events and even responds to voters requests.  President Obama  has great interest in who wins Arkansas’ First Congressional District and so is following Candidate Doe on twitter and is a fan of Doe’s facebook page.

How does Candidate Doe interpret Obama’s actions? How do the voters of the 1st congressional district  read it? If becoming a facebook fan is construed as an endorsement then Doe’s campaign may be in trouble since less than 40 percent of Arkansas’s first congressional district voted for Obama in 2008.