If someone tweets and no one hears it was it really ever sent? Maybe you’ve been trying to follow all the different Arkansas campaign tweets, but like us can’t keep up with them all. CampaignTwit let’s you see all the tweets from a specific race at once. It puts each individual candidates tweet in context against the other candidates in the same race at the same time. Check back daily and you can see what events they are attending and their response to current events. To view all the tweets and news from a specific race choose the race from the navigation above.

Yes, there are some candidates who are not tweeting. We want to encourage them to get on board, tweet and let us know so we can add you to the site. To the campaigns that are tweeting, please use twitter and other forms of social media as a two way street. Yes, let us know your opinion. Please ask us for donations and to show up at your events. But, also listen in and use twitter and facebook as a two-way street.